Dance Division Coordinator

The Dance Division Coordinator for the School is appointed by the School Director in consultation with the graduate faculty, the FAC, and the College Dean. Any regular full-time, tenured Dance Division faculty member shall be eligible for this appointment. The appointment is for a three-year term and is renewable. The functions of the Dance Coordinator are established by the School Director and include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:

1. Oversee and coordinate recruitment and admissions into the School's dance division.

2. Convene meetings of the dance faculty.

3. Represent dance faculty at school meetings

4. Schedule dance courses.

5. Initiate and coordinate changes and improvements in dance curricula, requirements, and programs.

6. Maintain dance student records and advise dance students

7. Recommend Dance division teaching and non-teaching assignments to the School Director.

8. Recommend production responsibilities for all activities pertaining to dance productions, including but not limited to the Faculty Dance Concert, Kent Dance Ensemble, Student Dance Concert, and BFA Senior projects.

9. Perform other duties as assigned.