General Principles

1. When provided for in the CBA, the University will establish an additional salary pool for the purpose of recognizing exceptional performance by a Faculty member which leads to the achievement of national or international recognition.

2. All Faculty members are eligible for consideration for these awards. For an initial award, all of the Faculty member’s accomplishments while at the University shall be considered. Normally, Faculty members are eligible to receive an award under this Section once in any three-year period; however, an additional award in the same three-year period or in any subsequent award period would be based on additional achievements since the last award. If a Faculty member earned national or international recognition before joining the University, she/he may be considered; however, the Faculty member’s record since being hired at the University must justify an award. Similarly, a Faculty member’s past achievements that have been previously recognized by any special salary increase(s), will not be considered for an award under this Section.

3. Awards will be granted to Faculty members based on exceptional performance leading to the achievement of national or international recognition. National or international recognition may be demonstrated in research, teaching, and/or service. Faculty members in all disciplines will be considered and the measures of national or international recognition will be appropriate to the discipline.

4. The President will award the total amount available in the designated pool during the time period specified in the Agreement. The number of awards per year, the amount of individual awards, and the total amount awarded in each year of the Agreement will be in the sole discretion of the President of the University and the President’s decision is final.