The following is a list of some examples of work in the discipline in an additional area of specialization as outlined in the Offer of Appointment (List is not exhaustive)

  • Creative activity for the school, such as design, performance, technical direction, musical direction
  • Musical Accompaniment for dance or theatre courses
  • Technical solutions/drawings
  • Technical solutions of design problems
  • Consulting within/outside the University
  • Writing computer materials
  • Directing or choreographing school productions
  • Choreography and performance in school productions

NTT faculty members are expected to undergo a Full Performance Review. The Full Performance Review will follow the format, procedures and timelines established by the University, as annually distributed through the Office of Faculty Affairs, concluding with the college or, if applicable, the division of the regional campuses' level of review and determination. The Ad Hoc RTP Committee in consultation with the Director, will provide NTT faculty members undergoing review two peer reviews (2) by faculty members and/or professionals with expertise in the field to evaluate the faculty member’s teaching performance. A written report of the evaluation is submitted to the faculty member for placement in his/ her reappointment file.

A written report is submitted to the Director for placement in the faculty member's electronic review file. NTT faculty will also submit an updated file electronically online via the system that is designated by the University for this purpose. The Director independently assesses the accomplishments of each NTT faculty member and forwards to the Dean her/his recommendation. NTT faculty members whose appointments will not be renewed must be notified by the timelines established in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement whether lack of adequate satisfaction with performance or the absence of anticipated continuing programmatic need or budgeted resources to support the position is the reason.

The overall evaluation during the third-year full performance review shall include consideration of the faculty member’s personal integrity and professional behavior as recognized by the University community. A sound ethical approach is expected of all NTT faculty members who seek renewal of appointment in the School.