Recruitment of Faculty

The School supports the goals of equal opportunity and affirmative action in recruiting and in making appointments to the faculty. Search procedures follow the policies and procedures set forth in the CBA. Search Committees are appointed by the Director in consultation with the FAC. Search committees include a student member selected by the faculty members serving on the search committee. Following the search, the search committee recommends to the Director that two (2) or three (3) candidates be invited to campus for an interview. Each candidate who is invited to campus for an interview will present a seminar/studio class before the School. The search committee will recommend its choice of candidates to the Director. Committee recommendations are advisory to the Director who makes a recommendation to the Dean. If the Dean concurs with the Director, a recommendation is forwarded to the Office of the Provost. If the Director's recommendation is different than that of the search committee and the faculty, the Director shall inform the Dean of all recommendations and the reasons for the disagreement.