Standards for the Evaluation of Scholarship in Research/Creative Activity

The School of Theatre and Dance utilizes the following standards for assessing scholarship:

  • Broad knowledge of the field
  • Clarity of goals
  • Implementation of appropriate methods and procedures
  • Effective use of appropriate resources
  • Effective communication and presentation
  • Significance of results and impact on the field

All faculty of the School are expected to seek excellence in research/creative activity. Assessment indicators are provided in Tables 1A and 1B.

Indicators of the quality of a faculty member’s research/ creative activity record include the quality and quantity of performances, exhibitions, installations and published work as well as the faculty member’s success in obtaining extramural funds. All faculty members in the School are expected to produce records of scholarship in research/ creative activity that reflect their disciplinary focus. Attributes of an individual faculty member’s scholarly activity may vary across disciplines.

To achieve “excellent” in the category of research/creative activity at the time a faculty member stands for tenure and promotion, she/he should have established a research and or creative activity program which demonstrates an impact upon his/her discipline.

Within this context, during annual reappointment reviews, each faculty member who will seek tenure or promotion is obligated to provide evidence supporting his/her record of research/creative activity. This obligation will be met by providing specific information about the significance of performances, exhibitions and installations, article and journal quality and impact, funding history and plans, and description in the faculty member’s supplementary materials of any other evidence of scholarship that the faculty member deems appropriate. In turn, the members of the School’s Ad Hoc RTP Committee and the Director shall evaluate a candidate’s record in light of the School’s expectations for a successful tenure decision.