Teaching (40%)

That there is a relationship between the subject described and the subject taught; class time is used thoroughly and effectively; there is a syllabus; course goals and assignments are specified; course counseling is available; out-of-class requirements are guided and supervised. creative project advising


Teaching/University Assessment

Examples of Accomplishments Corresponding to the Assessment Score

Excellent Teaching


High Merit (3)

Develop/revise courses, develop research projects for students (undergraduate and/or graduate), excellent student and peer

perceptions, instructional creativity, actively participate in

curricular revisions

Peer reviewed teaching awards at the University, regional or national level.

Exceeds Obligations

Very Good Teacher

Medium Merit (2)

Develop/revise courses, good student and peer perceptions, work with graduate and/or undergraduate students in research and/or creative activity.

Meets Obligations/Good teacher.

Low Merit (1)

Meets obligations well.  Good student and peer perceptions

No Merit (0)

Fair Teacher.