Associate Director

The Associate Director is a tenured Associate Professor or Professor who is appointed by the School Director, and will receive workload assignment for the duties carried out in this capacity. The term of service is indefinite and may be terminated by the Director in his/her sole discretion. The appointment is typically for the fall and spring semesters, with the option of a summer appointment when agreed upon and deemed necessary. The duties and responsibilities of the Associate Director shall include but are not limited to the following:

  • Serving as chief administrative officer of the School in the absence of the Director.
  • Advising the Director in all school matters and implementation of established procedures and policies of undergraduate programs.
  • Advising the Director regarding the scheduling of classes and its impact on the curriculum.
  • Assisting in development of the School's undergraduate curriculum with appropriate consultation of the Faculty Advisory Committee (hereinafter "FAC") and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (hereinafter “UCC”).
  • Approving course substitutions, individual investigations and transfer or transient credit.
  • Performing other duties and tasks as assigned or delegated by the Director.
  • Associate Director also serves as Coordinator for Undergraduate Studies and shall serve as school representative on the College Undergraduate Coordinators’ Council. He/she will be responsible for implementation of established procedures and policies of the undergraduate programs, and for their effective and efficient operation.