Professional Practice | The School of Visual Communication Design Handbook | Kent State University

Professional Practice

Faculty must be able to document the impact of the work beyond engagement in commercial enterprise. The merit of Scholarship in this area will be determined by a number of factors including:

A: Commission of work

  • Weighted according to the stature of the client (local/regional/national/international)
  • The process by which the designer/illustrator/photographer was retained (competitive nature of the request for proposal process)
  • The role the designer/illustrator/photographer played in the creation of work (project management, consultation, creative direction, art direction, design, production management, etc.)
  • The size, scope, and distribution of the project (local/regional/national/international)
  • The impact of the work (client testimony, evidence using other success metrics)
  • Independent peer evaluation of the work
  • Other key indicators that define the merit of the work.

B: Acceptance of work in professional competitions/exhibitions

  • Weighted according to the stature of the sponsoring organization (local/regional/national/international)
  • The scope and stature of participants (local/regional/national/international)
  • Peer reviewed vs. non-peer reviewed
  • Professional reputation of the juror(s) and/or curator
  • Acceptance rates
  • Critical reviews
  • Other key indicators to the merit of the work

C: Reproduction and distribution of work by an outside body

  • Weighted according to the stature of the organization, publication, publisher, and/or author (local/regional/national/international)
  • The distribution of content (local/regional/national/international)
  • Peer reviewed vs. non-peer reviewed
  • Acceptance rates
  • Context of reproduction
  • Critical reviews