Professional Practice

Faculty must be able to document the impact of the work beyond engagement in commercial enterprise. The merit of Scholarship in this area will be determined by a number of factors including:

A: Commission of work

  • Weighted according to the stature of the client (local/regional/national/international)
  • The process by which the designer/illustrator/photographer was retained (competitive nature of the request for proposal process)
  • The role the designer/illustrator/photographer played in the creation of work (project management, consultation, creative direction, art direction, design, production management, etc.)
  • The size, scope, and distribution of the project (local/regional/national/international)
  • The impact of the work (client testimony, evidence using other success metrics)
  • Independent peer evaluation of the work
  • Other key indicators that define the merit of the work.

B: Acceptance of work in professional competitions/exhibitions

  • Weighted according to the stature of the sponsoring organization (local/regional/national/international)
  • The scope and stature of participants (local/regional/national/international)
  • Peer reviewed vs. non-peer reviewed
  • Professional reputation of the juror(s) and/or curator
  • Acceptance rates
  • Critical reviews
  • Other key indicators to the merit of the work

C: Reproduction and distribution of work by an outside body

  • Weighted according to the stature of the organization, publication, publisher, and/or author (local/regional/national/international)
  • The distribution of content (local/regional/national/international)
  • Peer reviewed vs. non-peer reviewed
  • Acceptance rates
  • Context of reproduction
  • Critical reviews