Scholarship and Creative Endeavor

In the category of Scholarship and Creative Endeavor, Faculty members shall show clear evidence of involvement in professional endeavors judged significant by colleagues and by the accepted standards of his or her scholarly or creative discipline. Such endeavors must have been published or otherwise presented in a public or professional forum and should include one or more of several possible substantial professional activities including, but not limited to, commissions, various forms of publications (books, articles, reviews, editorships, conference proceedings, online publications, etc.); presentations (lectures, panel discussions, symposium participations, etc.); and exhibitions or competitions (juried, curated or invitational).

In addition to the above, accomplishments such as editorship of a book, professional newsletter, an essay review of books for a scholarly journal, acting in the capacity of a juror, curator, reviewer, or visiting artist/designer may be considered evidence of excellence. The representation of creative works in museum, university, corporate and/or private collections; creative works reproduced or reviewed in textbooks, journals, and online publications; representation of original works in databases, archives, exhibition catalogs, and/or slide collections may also be considered.