Annual Workload Summary Reports for Tenured Faculty

As outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, by September 15 each continuing tenured faculty member is to prepare and submit to the Dean an annual workload summary report, which is to include an updated curriculum vitae and a brief summary of the previous year's professional activities. Course syllabi for each course or sections of a course taught by the faculty member during the previous academic year are also required, but the Dean's office will typically have these on file if copies were made by one of the Faculty Secretaries. If this is not the case, these syllabi will also need to be submitted with this report. The Dean's office is responsible for adding the required summaries of course evaluations. While the University may provide an electronic system for collecting this information, faculty are not required to use this system.

The purpose of the workload summary report is to document the workload, including utilization of specified workload equivalencies, for that academic year. This report may be used in planning future workload equivalencies. Any other use of the report requires consent of the Faculty member.