Handbook Modification, Amendment and Revision

Except for the Council By-Laws (Section I.B), any modification of this handbook must be approved by a vote of the Council (full-time tenured, tenure-track and FTNTT faculty) at Kent State Stark. If a proposed change affects only tenure-track faculty, only tenure-track faculty will vote. If a proposed change affects only FTNTT faculty, only FTNTT faculty will vote. Modifications can be suggested by Council or Cabinet, or initiated by a petition signed by a minimum of eight (8) full-time Kent State Stark faculty.

A vote of the proposed modifications will be conducted by Council, who must set a specific date for discussions of the proposed changes after all faculty have been made aware of the changes and have had convenient access to the proposed changes to the handbook for a minimum of ten (10) days before the discussion and vote. Approval of the suggested changes requires a 2/3 positive vote of the members of Council.

Upon Council approval of the suggested changes, the revised handbook will be sent to the Dean for approval. Upon approval at the Dean’s level, the handbook will be forwarded to the appropriate offices on the Kent Campus (as outlined by University Policy and the CBA) for eventual approval by the Provost.