New Faculty Orientation and Mentors

New Faculty at Kent State Stark will likely find themselves invited to several different orientation sessions during the first months of their appointment. This reflects the need to learn simultaneously about the resources and general culture of the Stark Campus, the Regional Campuses, one’s home department, and the entire University.

The Kent State Stark administration will see that new faculty receive all necessary hiring documents per current University policy. In addition, it is expected that new hires will be informed about professional expectations that are specific to the Campus’ unique mission within the University system, as well as the procedures and criteria used at Kent State Stark in professional development and evaluation (especially the reappointment process). Department coordinators will also be disseminating similar information regarding procedures within a new faculty member’s home department.

This information will be supplemented by the assignment of faculty mentors to help new faculty adjust to the campus and the University. Campus deans and department coordinators are responsible for selecting a suitable mentor (or resource person) who has the rank and/or experience to introduce the newly hired individual to his or her campus/department, to answer questions and to generally help during the first year of appointment.