Administrative Organization:

  1. The Campus Dean is the chief administrative officer and is responsible for all operations of the Trumbull Campus.  The Dean directs and supervises the Campus in policy, budget and program planning. The Dean is responsible for academic policies and procedures; supervises all faculty and non-academic personnel and staffing activities; and is ultimately responsible for instruction, student welfare, and community relations.  Workload and workload equivalents are assigned by the Campus Dean or his/her designee. To assist the Dean in these responsibilities,     the Dean has an Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, a Director of Business and Administrative Services, and a Director of Student Services. 
  2. The Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs has the responsibility of scheduling courses; distributing, collecting and evaluating student evaluations of instruction; and working with the Dean and faculty to assign faculty workload.  He/she also functions as a liaison with the Kent Campus departments/schools/independent colleges (hereinafter “Academic Unit”) and chairs/directors/deans (hereinafter “Unit Administrator”) on routine academic matters and fosters the academic welfare of the campus and faculty.
  3. The Director of Business and Administrative Services assists the Dean in budget planning,  monitoring expenses and expenditures, controlling the use of all physical facilities and resources,  supervising all non-academic and student personnel, ordering all supplies and materials for the campus, and overseeing the Bookstore, campus maintenance, security and the personnel that run these day-to-day operations.
  4. The Director of Student Services organizes and directs all student support services related to the Registrar and financial aid matters, interviews and counsels prospective students and parents, organizes and keeps student records, determines student employment budgets, and works with faculty on any potential problems which may arise regarding students.
  5. Other administrative officers of the Trumbull Campus include the Director of Workforce Development and Continuing Studies, the Advancement Officer, the Marketing Coordinator, the Coordinator of Academic Services, and the Librarian.