Appointment and Employment Procedures:

  1. General

    The responsibilities of Faculty at the Trumbull Campus are the same as those at other campuses of Kent State University:  Scholarship, Teaching, and Service to the University, the Trumbull Campus, and the community. The unique role of the Regional Campuses emphasizes teaching.  However, professional development in the areas of scholarship and creative performance is expected of all tenured and tenure-track Faculty members and is encouraged by the Campus. 

    Any Faculty member's appointment to the Trumbull Campus must be approved by the Campus Dean; the Academic Administrator; the College Dean, if applicable; the Provost; the President; and the Board of Trustees.

  2. Procedure for Appointment:

    New or replacement faculty or staff position requests are submitted by faculty members, or administrators, to the Dean who will consult with both Faculty Council and the Budget Committee.  Guidelines and forms for these requests are available on the Campus Intranet. Requests for faculty positions that are approved at the Campus level are then submitted to the Provost for approval.

    Once final approval is given, faculty input is solicited in the writing of qualifications for the position and the advertisement. Each advertisement establishes the qualifications for the position, describes the nature of the position, establishes deadlines for the applicants, and names contact persons to receive the applications. The job description is advertised appropriately and in a timely manner.

    The applications are first reviewed by a Trumbull Faculty Search Committee and the respective Unit Administrator or a member of the faculty from the prospective hire’s Academic Unit. When funding is available, qualified candidates are invited for Campus visits and interviews with the Search Committee, the Academic Unit representative, the Assistant/Associate Dean, and the Unit Administrator.  At the completion of the interview process, the Search Committee forwards to the Trumbull Campus Dean a list of interviewed candidates who are suitable and meet the requirements of the position.  The list of candidates may be ranked.  Whenever possible, the search for new faculty members begins in the fall term prior to the start of employment in the next academic year. 

  3. Offer of Appointment:

    When an individual applicant has been selected for a position, an offer of appointment is made by the Regional Campus Dean. The offer, in writing, minimally includes: department/school of the prospective faculty member, dates and periods of employment, type of employment, rank, salary, workload letter, and a description of the processes of review and assessment for reappoint­ment, tenure, promotion, and other terms of appointment, such as the initial Regional Campus to which the faculty member is assigned. 

    This letter and one copy are sent to the prospective faculty member for signature. The original must be returned to the Campus Dean within fifteen [15] working days of the date of its original mailing.

  4. Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty:

    The Trumbull Campus hires tenure-track Faculty at the following ranks:

    1. Assistant Professor
    2. Associate Professor
    3. Professor

    Assignment to these ranks normally occurs upon initial appointment when specific criteria are met. 

  5. Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty:

    NTT faculty appointments are made on an annual basis and are not included under the umbrella of University policy and procedures regarding Faculty tenure (See, University Policy Register, 3342-6-14). These faculty members receive annual appointments contingent on staffing needs     in the discipline, available funding, and faculty performance. NTT faculty members with terminal degrees in the discipline hold appointment at one of the following ranks:

    1. Assistant Professor 
    2. Associate Professor 
    3. Professor 

    NTT faculty members without terminal degrees in the discipline hold appointment at one of the following three academic ranks:

    1. Lecturer
    2. Associate Lecturer
    3. Senior Lecturer
  6. Part-Time Faculty

    When the Campus cannot meet its teaching needs from the ranks of its full-time tenured and tenure-track (TT) Faculty and full-time non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty, part-time faculty appointments will be made from an established pool of qualified applicants not currently on regular appointment at the University.  Resident faculty of the Campus will have input in the selection of part-time faculty.

  7. Other Ranks:

    Other academic titles used by the University are Research Professor, Visiting Distinguished Professor, Adjunct Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Visiting Artist, Student Assistant, Research Associate, and Postdoctoral Fellow. More detailed information regarding Univ­ersity ranks and titles is found in the University Policy Register.