Assignments of Faculty Overload:

All overload assignments are subject to the approval of the Assistant/Associate Dean and the Dean.  Normally, faculty will be assigned overload courses under the following schedule:

  1. Resident tenured and tenure-track Faculty at Trumbull Campus within the discipline;
  2. Resident NTT faculty;
  3. Other qualified/approved Trumbull Campus faculty; and 
  4. Faculty from other regional campuses.

Faculty must be approved to teach the course(s) in question. 

When more than one qualified faculty member in any of the four units above requests an overload assignment, faculty will be assigned on a rotational basis beginning with the most senior person (based on length of service to the Trumbull Campus) and continuing through the least senior person.  In the next semester in which more than one qualified member requests an overload assignment, the second most-senior person will lead the rotation with the most senior person being last.  In the next semester the third most-senior person will lead the rotation, etc. The Assistant/Associate Dean will determine assignments in consultation with the faculty. Overload is enrollment contingent and overload classes may be canceled at the discretion of the Assistant/Associate Dean.