Curricular Policies and Procedures:

  1. Grades:

    Faculty members must inform students of their progress throughout the semester.  Grades are a faculty member's responsibility and should be assigned fairly and objectively.  Grading criteria, in relation to student workload, must be outlined on course syllabi.  Submission of final grades must comply with University policy, including, but not limited to, the deadline for the timely submission of grades.  Failure of faculty members to provide grades in compliance with University policy will be taken into consideration in reappointment, promotion, tenure and merit decisions.

    Materials used in computing grades (e.g., exams, papers, reports, etc.) should be retained by the faculty member for one (1) year after final grades are submitted--unless these materials have already been returned to students.  Students have a right to inspect the written work performed during a course and discuss the grade with the faculty member.

  2. Audits:

    Students may audit any course, subject to space availability and approval of the faculty member. Faculty members have the discretion to determine conditions and requirements for the audit.

  3. Grading Procedures:

    Many academic units have developed specific grading policies for their courses, especially for multi-section courses, labs, and topical content courses. Whenever that situation arises, the Regional Campus should follow the policies of the academic unit, except where prior agreement provides otherwise.

    It is the policy of the University that appropriate student evaluation is done in each class early enough so that timely and meaningful mid-semester grades can be assigned.  This is important for all students, especially new students who need to know their progress early in their careers, but holds equally true for all classes and all levels of students. A description of the methods of evaluation and of grading must be clearly defined in the course syllabus and given to each student at the beginning of the semester so that faculty members’ expectations and evaluation of student performance are understood.

  4. Procedure for Student Withdrawals after the Tenth Week:

    Student withdrawal after the tenth week of the semester is a cooperative decision between the Registrar and the individual faculty member. A student wishing to withdraw after the tenth week must petition the Registrar for withdrawal. The Registrar in consultation with the faculty member makes a decision for withdrawal or retention of the student. This relieves the faculty member from the total responsibility of student withdrawal after the University-declared deadline.