Faculty Responsibilities

Tenured and tenure-track Faculty are expected to participate in Faculty Council meetings and to serve on one of the four subcommittees of the Faculty Council.  NTT faculty are encouraged to attend meetings and have the right to vote.

All full-time Trumbull Campus Faculty are expected to participate in the activities of a variety of standing and/or ad hoc committees relating to the operation of the Campus, including participation with respect to faculty affairs in any administrative review of the Campus, the review of administrative officers, and/or reviews of Faculty members for reappointment, tenure and/or promotion.  Given their higher teaching load, full-time non-tenure-track (hereinafter “NTT”) faculty are not held to the same service demands that are expected of tenured and tenure-track Faculty. 

Faculty members report to the Trumbull Campus Dean and are directly accountable to the Dean for Campus and academic matters except those related to course content and mode of instruction. The primary responsibility for course content and subject matter rests with the Academic Unit as specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.