This section and Appendix B of the Handbook include information concerning policies and procedures that govern processes of decision-making concerning such important issues as reappointment, tenure, and promotion of Faculty within the Regional Campus System.  In the event that anything in this section conflicts with the University policies and procedures on reappointment, tenure and promotion, the current and applicable University policies will govern.  Faculty seeking reappointment, tenure and promotion (RTP) are advised to review the guidelines and other materials circulated annually by the Provost and Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.  Faculty members are also advised to seek out assistance from senior Faculty in their discipline for help in designing their vita and organizing and submitting their documentation on the electronic system supported by the University.  

There are no more important decisions made concerning the relationships between the University and its Faculty than those related to promotion to higher rank, tenure with its implication of the right of a Faculty member to continuous appointment to a professional position of specified locus in the University, and reappointment for probationary Faculty.  

Reappointment, tenure, and promotion at the Trumbull Campus follows the Kent Campus procedures with some important differences.  First, promotion and tenure decisions provide for an advisory and recommendatory role for the faculty advisory group at the individual campus and for the Campus Dean.  The procedure recognizes that Regional Campus Faculty hold membership in an academic department/academic unit while discharging their responsibilities and holding tenure within the Regional Campus System and rank within the department/academic unit.

Criteria for consideration of RTP, as well as minimal expectations of performance and years in rank, are described in detail or referenced in the original appointment letter, in the relevant University policies, and in materials circulated annually at the onset of the review process. Additional and more specific criteria may be found in academic unit handbooks and the handbooks of the Regional Campuses.

All regular, full-time probationary, tenure-track Faculty are eligible at certain times for tenure review according to years of service and rank differentiations.  Academic units will notify prospective candidates by the end of the Spring Semester of the previous academic year of their nomination for promotion eligibility.  The procedures are described in the materials distributed in August by the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and other documents which have been developed by the academic units and the colleges and further elaborated in the respective academic unit handbooks.  Faculty members should consult their academic unit handbooks for such procedures.  University criteria and guidelines have also been developed which must be observed. 

Although Faculty members are encouraged to stand for both promotion and tenure at the same time, tenure and promotion are two distinct personnel actions requiring separate procedures, timetables and guidelines.

The University establishes a timetable for personnel actions for Faculty.  This varies from year to year and is specified in the document published each August by the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs.  Faculty seeking reappointment, tenure, or promotion should consult the schedule in this document upon publication.  As a practical matter, preparation of materials and consultation with the unit administrator and the Campus Dean should begin with nomination the preceding spring.