NTT Performance Review Criteria

NTT faculty members are reviewed by the Campus’ Personnel Action Committee on the specific criteria outlined in their letter of appointment and as described below, including consideration of the track (Instructional, Clinical, Practitioner or Research) to which the NTT faculty member is assigned.  An inherent part of the review process is to provide feedback to the NTT faculty member based on clear and consistent performance criteria.  Renewals of appointment and salaries for NTT faculty should be tied to performance within the parameters established in the applicable CBA.  Rubrics for the assessment of teaching performance, recruitment and/or retention, research, etc. will be developed and shared with the candidate, and used to evaluate performance.  Student assessment of teaching and mentoring may also be used to assess performance, as necessary.  

Criteria for assessing the quality of an NTT faculty member’s performance for the three-year review will be developed by the academic unit and the Trumbull Campus, and are based primarily on established instructional effectiveness.  Whenever scholarly or professional activity other than instruction is required of NTT faculty as a part of the established criteria for performance reviews—academic unit or campus—those activities shall be considered.