Other Governance Items

  1. Trumbull Campus Faculty and Academic Unit Affairs

    All full-time tenured, tenure-track Faculty and NTT faculty at the Trumbull Campus are members of their respective academic units, thereby sharing full faculty rights and responsibilities within these academic units.

    Trumbull Campus faculty members are represented on a number of academic unit and collegial committees, including Faculty Advisory Committees and Curriculum Committees. They participate in a variety of other matters related to the academic responsibilities of their academic units, including participation in search committees, promotion and tenure committees, and appointment and reappointment committees.

    Trumbull Campus Faculty members hold rank within their respective academic units and are therefore reviewed by their colleagues for reappointment, tenure and promotion.  However, when a Trumbull Campus Faculty member earns tenure, the locus of tenure is in the Regional Campus System only.

  2. Faculty Grievances and Appeals Procedures:

    The Grievance and Appeals process for the hearing and disposition of faculty grievances and appeals of Kent State University at Trumbull fully complies with the Grievance/Appeals process contained in the current and applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.  This process will be observed in the letter and spirit of both procedural and substantive due process.  Before a formal process begins, faculty members are encouraged to attempt to resolve all grievances informally.

    Faculty grievances that are not directly related to the terms or conditions of employment and are not academic appeals are appropriately addressed within the Campus, whenever possible.  The Campus Dean and/or Assistant/Associate Dean and/or faculty member will initiate an informal dialogue with all parties involved in a dispute and strive to reach a resolution agreeable to all parties.

  3. Trumbull Campus Advisory Board:

    The Trumbull Campus has an Advisory Board, composed of area citizens whose responsibility is to provide the Trumbull Campus Dean with advice on the needs and concerns of the community and to communicate University concerns to the public. The Dean has the reciprocal responsibility to keep the Board informed of continuing developments on Campus. The chairperson of the Advisory Board has the responsibility of providing community liaisons with the Campus.

  4. Trumbull Campus Technology Programs' Advisory Boards:

    Each Technical Program area has an advisory board comprised of industry professionals. These boards provide the Trumbull Campus Technical Faculty and Campus Dean with advice on matters related to the specific curriculum areas.

  5. Reserve Clause:

    Any articles of this Constitution which conflict with any University, Administrative and Operational Policy of the University, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, or any federal, state and local law shall not be considered valid.

  6. Adoption of Constitution

    This constitution shall be considered activated upon a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Faculty Council casting a ballot.

  7. Ammendments:

    Amendments to this constitution shall be made by a two-thirds vote of the Faculty Council casting a ballot. Copies of proposed amendments shall be sent to all members of the Faculty Council at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

  8. By-laws:

    The Faculty Association by a majority vote shall provide by-laws necessary for its operation.