Other personnel items:

  1. Sanctions:

    A sanction is a documented corrective action in response to a faculty member's unsatisfactory performance of his/her duties and responsibilities as a member of the faculty (See “Sanctions for Cause” in the Collective Bargaining Agreement).

  2. Faculty Leaves

    All leaves, sponsored or unsupported, personal or professional, are subject to the approval of the Chair/Director, the Dean and the Provost. University leaves include but are not limited to:

    1. Research leaves;
    2. Leaves of absence without pay;
    3. Faculty professional improvement leaves; and
    4. Research/Creative Activity appointments.
  3. Faculty Absence and Travel Policy

    Faculty members who will be absent from the Campus for professional or personal reasons must submit a Request for Absence Form with the Assistant/Associate Dean. The request should be made at least one (1) month prior to the planned absence and is subject to the approval of the Assistant/Associate Dean or the Dean.  Arrangements for any classes to be missed during the absence must be addressed to the satisfaction of the Assistant/Associate Dean before approval will be granted.  Attendance at professional meetings is encouraged and approved travel expenses incurred in attending such meetings will be reimbursed when approved prior to travel according to the University's travel policies and are subject to the availability of funds.  Priority will be given to fund faculty who are meeting participants (i.e., those presenting a paper or chairing a session) as opposed to faculty members who simply attend professional meetings.

  4. Faculty Sick Leave:

    The Assistant/Associate Dean is responsible for keeping complete records of faculty sick leave; however, faculty members are also required to record their sick leave accurately on the University’s online system. Sick leave generally should be reported online within forty-eight (48) hours after an absence, whenever possible.