Procedure for Appointment:

New or replacement faculty or staff position requests are submitted by faculty members, or administrators, to the Dean who will consult with both Faculty Council and the Budget Committee.  Guidelines and forms for these requests are available on the Campus Intranet. Requests for faculty positions that are approved at the Campus level are then submitted to the Provost for approval.

Once final approval is given, faculty input is solicited in the writing of qualifications for the position and the advertisement. Each advertisement establishes the qualifications for the position, describes the nature of the position, establishes deadlines for the applicants, and names contact persons to receive the applications. The job description is advertised appropriately and in a timely manner.

The applications are first reviewed by a Trumbull Faculty Search Committee and the respective Unit Administrator or a member of the faculty from the prospective hire’s Academic Unit. When funding is available, qualified candidates are invited for Campus visits and interviews with the Search Committee, the Academic Unit representative, the Assistant/Associate Dean, and the Unit Administrator.  At the completion of the interview process, the Search Committee forwards to the Trumbull Campus Dean a list of interviewed candidates who are suitable and meet the requirements of the position.  The list of candidates may be ranked.  Whenever possible, the search for new faculty members begins in the fall term prior to the start of employment in the next academic year.