Procedures for the Approval of Part-Time Faculty

A full-time faculty member within the given discipline must review the credentials and interview all new part-time faculty utilized within his/her specific program area.  The Assistant/Associate Dean will monitor all student evaluation forms for part-time faculty.  He/she will consult with the appropriate full-time faculty member(s) for all SSI scores that are significantly below the campus norm.  Full-time faculty members are encouraged to mentor part-time faculty when possible.  Any faculty member who receives a workload equivalency of at least three (3) credit hours for coordination of a program must conduct at least one (1) peer review (in-class) of a part-time faculty’s teaching each academic year.  Records of such peer reviews are to be maintained by the Assistant/Associate Dean.  All hiring of part-time faculty will follow the policies and procedures of Kent State University for the hiring of part-time faculty.