Trumbull Campus Criteria for NTT Faculty Three-Year Performance Reviews

Because classroom instruction is the principal responsibility of full-time non-tenure track faculty members, the quality of teaching is the primary concern in the three-year performance review. Criteria for NTT teaching excellence will include fulfillment of the following expectations: 

  • should be professional in the classroom, maintain order, and conduct class in a climate of civility and respect, 
  • should use the complete class time for instruction, 
  • should apply appropriate teaching techniques for a given course, depending upon class size and discipline, 
  • should remain current in the pedagogical theory of their disciplines and experiment with innovations in classroom teaching, 
  • should inform students in writing at the beginning of each semester about course objectives and requirements, 
  • should evaluate student performance on a regular basis and report grades in a timely manner according to University policy, 
  • should reasonably accommodate students with disabilities according to University and Federal and local policies, 
  • should receive satisfactory student evaluations using the approved University Student Survey of Instruction form (S.S.I.),
  • should have a recent positive peer evaluation of teaching.

Each NTT faculty member is discussed by the Campus’ Personnel Action Committee which votes on a recommendation for renewal of the faculty member’s appointment.  The Campus Dean independently assesses the accomplishments of each NTT faculty member, informs the NTT faculty member of the Committee's deliberations and provides the faculty member a copy of his/her decision on renewal of the faculty member’s appointment.  NTT faculty members whose appointments will not be renewed must be notified by the timelines established in the applicable CBA whether lack of adequate satisfaction with performance or the absence of anticipated continuing programmatic need or budgeted resources to support the position is the reason for nonrenewal.