Apply | NYC Studio | Kent State University


The NYC Studio welcomes Kent State University students, guest students from other universities as well as international guest students. Please follow the appropriate application procedures, depending on your student status.

The application process for AY 18-19 began on Sept. 15 and ended on Oct. 15. If you would like to study at the NYC Studio during the next academic year, please email your Pre-Approval Application form to to be placed on a waitlist. If you are a guest student or an international guest student interested in studying at the NYC Studio, please contact us directly. 

Students should consult their academic adviser to plan for this experience and ensure that it corresponds with their academic course plan. Once you have made a decision to participate in the program, we recommend that you submit the online Pre-Approval Application form or PDF version, as soon as possible. Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pre-Approval Application form (PDF)