Classroom experiences will vary each semester and in many cases, pre-requisites apply. All NYC courses are 3 credit hours, with the exception of NY Fashion Design Studio I & II. We recommend you consult your academic advisor to determine how this experience will count toward your degree.

  • 30083 - PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR  (3 Credits): Professional development strategies for fashion and related careers. Emphasis is on verbal and written communication skills. Prerequisites: FDM 20020 or 20142 and junior or senior standing.
  • 30123 - CAD FOR FASHION APPLICATIONS  (3 Credits): The use of CAD to produce technical drawings, sketches, color stories and textile prints for design and merchandising presentations. Prerequisites: Fashion design and merchandising (FDM) major and junior standing.  
  • 30181- NY FASHION DESIGN STUDIO I (6 Credits): This course teaches the importance of research and creative exploration in fashion design. Students will focus on research and design development of a fashion line/collection while learning about industry seasons, markets and practices.  From this place of researched inspiration, students will create garments for presentation where both process and execution will be evaluated in tandem during the final critique.
  • 30260 - PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY  (3 Credits): Researching, planning, developing and presenting a fashion product line for an identified target market with regard to prices, styling and timing. Prerequisites: FDM 20030 and fashion merchandising (FM) major.
  • 30262 - FASHION MERCHANDISE PLANNING AND BUYING  (3 Credits): Study of market sources, fashion buying techniques, assortment planning and allocation and quantitative calculations needed in the fashion industry. Prerequisites: FDM 20263 and MATH 11009, MATH 11010 or MATH 11012.
  • 35010 - CONTEMPORARY FASHION DESIGNERS  (3 Credits): This course examines and analyzes international fashion design within the 20th and 21st centuries. As a follow up to Costume History, this course will focus on the history, development and present context of fashion. A significant portion of the course will examine the influential designers of the last century. Prerequisite: FDM 20013.
  • 35070 - THE LUXURY MARKET  (3 Credits): Purpose is to learn, understand and perceive the luxury market and its parameters. Students gain an understanding of the marketing power of luxury brands and the organization of a luxury products company. Prerequisite: none.
  • 35080 - FASHION IN THE MEDIA  (3 Credits): Analysis of key fashion magazines and in-depth examination of how they are created. Students learn the fundamentals of different forms of communication and the contributions editors, writers, stylists and photographers make toward the finished product. Exploration of how various media interrelate and contribute to the fashion industry is included. Different forms of writing, editing and interviewing as well as the roles of photography, design and styling are examined. Online outlets, television commentary, fashion advertising and Public Relations are discussed. Prerequisite: none.
  • 35270- COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN RETAILING (3 Credits): The application and use of the microcomputer to solve problems in assortment planning, merchandise management, trading area and site analysis, store planning, plano-gramming and media planning. Prerequisites: FDM 20263 and MATH 11009, MATH 11010 or MATH 11012.
  • 35280- FASHION ENTREPRENEURSHIP (3 Credits): In-depth study of entrepreneurship content as applied to manufacturers and retailers of apparel, including product development, accounting and control merchandising and buying, operation and management advertising and promotion.  Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.
  • 45092- INTERNSHIP IN FASHION DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING (3 Credits): (Repeatable for credit) Supervised practical experience in the fashion industry. Eligibility requirements available from the school of fashion design and merchandising field studies coordinator. Prerequisites: FDM 30083, junior standing and special approval.
  • 45492 - NY STUDY TOUR (3 credits):   ***REQUIRED**** Required of all students. Guided site visits each week to domestic or foreign fashion market, including design and fabric houses or showrooms, retail stores, buying offices and other areas of the fashion industry.