Financial Aid for Guest Students

Guest students must apply for financial aid through their home institution.  

We would like to share some information with you, regarding your participation in Kent State University’s NYC Studio program. As Kent State is not your Home School and you will not receive your diploma from Kent State University, you will be admitted as a transient/guest student.

As a transient/guest student, the One Stop for Student Services at Kent State will not process your financial aid for the NYC Studio program. If you are applying for financial aid, you must do so through your home institution by contacting the Financial Aid Office at your home school and following their procedures.

Questions to ask your Financial Aid Office

  1. If I have scholarships, will I be able to use them while a transient/guest student at Kent State?
  2. Is there any financial aid that I am not eligible for?
  3. Is there paperwork I need to complete to receive financial aid while I am a transient/guest at Kent State?
  4. How will my financial aid transfer to Kent State to pay my bill?
  5. When will my financial aid be available? Is it in time to make the payment by Kent’s payment deadline date?
  6. If I need more financial aid, what are my options?
  7. If I have more financial aid than the bill, how will I receive my refund?
  8. Kent State's financial aid office won't process my financial aid because I am transient/guest. Does Kent State have to complete forms for you, so that you can process my financial aid?
  9. Is there anyone else I need to notify about my transient/guest status?

View the Financial Aid Memo for Transient Students (PDF)

Contact Information

Jessica Russell, Financial Aid Counselor, will be your home school’s contact with regards to your financial aid processing, if your financial aid office has any questions.

Jessica Russell, Financial Aid Counselor
P: 330-672-0514

One Stop for Student Services
1st Floor University Library
Kent State University
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242