Guest Students

Students from other colleges and universities are welcome to study at The Fashion School’s NYC Studio as long as you are first enrolled at Kent State University as a guest student. Participants must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA by the commitment contract and program fee deadlines.

In order to apply as a guest student, students must have graduated from high school, obtained a GED certificate or the equivalent, or be currently enrolled at another institution.  Guest students can take a limited number of undergraduate courses for credit and may only enroll for up to 18 semester hours. Students cannot earn a degree as a guest student, nor can they apply for financial aid through Kent State.

Applying to The Fashion School’s NYC Studio

Once you have made a decision to participate in the program, please contact the NYC Studio directly to begin your application. Students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

1. Pre-Approval Application Form

Complete and submit the Pre-Approval Application (PAA) form to hold your place in the program for a given term. Submitting the Pre-Approval Application form does not commit you to the program, it simply holds your place in a given term until the Commitment Contract and Program Fee deadline.

Once your application is processed, you will receive an email confirmation from the NYC Studio indicating if you were accepted or placed on a wait list along with further details.

Please contact the NYC Studio directly for a Pre-Approval Application to begin the application process.

2. Transient Admission Application and Prerequisite Confirmation forms

In addition, guest students must submit the Transient Admission Application form and the Prerequisite Confirmation form. Submitting these forms with your Pre-Approval Application will expedite the application process.

The Transient Admission Application includes a $10 application fee and the prerequisite confirmation form must be signed by a representative from your college or university, verifying that you have met certain course prerequisites. These forms are required to apply for Guest Student status and we recommend submitting them with your Pre-Approval Application.

Additionally, guest students are required to provide course descriptions from their home institution. For details contact

Transient Admission Application (PDF)

Prerequisite Confirmation form (PDF)

3. Commitment Contract

After we process your Pre-Approval Application, you will receive information for completing and submitting the online Commitment Contract. 

Once we have received your Commitment Contract, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for paying the online program fee. 

DO NOT make the Program Fee payment until you have submitted your Commitment Contract and have received an email from the NYC Studio verifying you can make the payment.

4. Program Fee

The Program Fee must be paid online with a credit card. You will use your FlashLine user ID and password, provided by the NYC Studio, to access the online payment system.

The Commitment Contract and Program Fee must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines.  Students who submit the Pre-Approval Application form and are accepted into the program, but fail to submit the Commitment Contract and Program Fee by the appropriate deadline, will be dropped from the program.

Guest students may request a transcript to send to their home school via the Kent State University Registrar.