Kent State University Students

We encourage all NYC Studio Students to engage in Industry experience whether through volunteering or an internship.

There are two ways to participate in an internship while studying at the NYC Studio:

  1. Internship for Credit: Enrollment in FDM 45192 - Fashion Merchandising or FDM 45292 - Fashion Design. Students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites in order to enroll in an internship for credit.
  2. Industry Learning Experience: Please contact Ms. Hillary M. Stone for details.

FDM 45192 - Fashion Merchandising and FDM 45292 - Fashion Design are in addition to the required NYC Studio based coursework. Taking an internship for credit does not count toward the 12 credit hours you are required to take at the studio.

Students must complete a total of 230 hours of supervised work per semester during enrollment. Because Fashion Design and Merchandising Internships may vary, please contact Ms. Hillary M. Stone, Industry Liaison-Internship Director, via email at for further information, recommendations, and resources.