Student Testimonials

"Come to NYC before the semester starts and find awesome internships and have an interview. There are a ton of opportunities for design and merchandising students in the city."
- John Kim

"Don't give your internship all of your free time."
- Geanna Cacioppo

"An internship is a must!"
- Kaitlen Kelly

"Focus on your internship and classes … take advantage of the contact you meet …"

"Work hard at your internship to make lasting relationships with the people you work with."
- Grace Coy

"Don't go for only large corporations for internships."
- Whitney Maibach


"… M. has been AMAZING!!! We could not have been happier with her. She's so responsible, an absolute pleasure to be around and an incredibly hard worker….we're very sad that her time with us is almost up."
- Manuela Di Paola,
Page Sargisson Inc.

"I would just like to say thank you for the tremendous interns you sent our way this semester. D. K. and A. W. show initiative, enthusiasm and self-motivation. We have had interns from FIT, LIM and Kent and I am by far impressed with your caliber of students. We look forward to working with Kent for the semesters to come."
- Melissa Gonzalez,
The Lionesque Group

"We are starting to look for summer interns and would love it if could pass it on to your students. We've had many interns from Kent and had such great experiences with them!"
- Helen Ji,
Agentry PR

"We love our Kent State interns!!!!"
- Francine Rich,

"We love working with Kent students and definitely need interns for this coming fall."
- Frances Victoria,
Fabric to Finish, Inc.

"I just wanted to thank you for referring one of your students, O. P. to our Showroom. She has been an amazing part of our team this spring and we will be very sorry to see her go next month."
- Megan Dolbee,
Harris Dolbee Showroom

"It has been a pleasure to have Kent State University students intern at Haskell Jewels, LLC. Our interns from Kent have come to us with enthusiasm, new perspectives, and the energy to work diligently. We have enjoyed the opportunity to teach and train our interns and to have played a part in influencing their professional futures. We look forward to welcoming future interns from Kent."
- Nicole Knable,
Haskell Jewels, LLC