Welcome to The Fashion School’s NYC Studio at Kent State University!

As an extension of the Fashion School, the NYC Studio is located in the heart of the Garment District. We opened our doors to junior standing students in 2006 in response to the rapidly growing field of fashion and its demand for a well-versed work force. The diversity among NYC Studio Program students is not only limited to where they come from, but also the field of study they are pursuing and their aspiration in fashion.

The NYC Studio Program is a semester-long program catering mainly to fashion design, fashion merchandising and fashion journalism students. While studying in NYC, our students develop a critical understanding of local and global fashion industries. Students receive rigorous training from NYC based faculty whose extensive professional experience creates a unique learning environment where practical knowledge complements theoretical education. Students also have the opportunity to participate in prestigious internships, exclusive guest lectures, industry receptions, and recruiting events in addition to networking with local alumni.

Please view our NYC Studio Introduction Video and we invite all of you who are intellectually and creatively curious to explore a dynamic and progressive study away experience in New York City!