Annual Virtual Fashion Show

We look forward to our 3rd Annual KSU Virtual Fashion Show during our Fashion Week events in April 2024.

Details on will be forthcoming on participating and the event date. Our 2nd annual event was held April 21st, 2023 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Design Innovation Hub's Blank Lab.

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KSU Annual Virtual Fashion Show 2023 featured the works of the following KSU School of Fashion Fashion Design Students:

Emerson Fry 
Pearl Heinley 
Roelyn Kalpac 
Anna Kaper 
Alexa McClellan 
Jocelyn Wei 
Branch Zimmerman 
Maya Zimmerman 

Krista Budd 

Stephanie Gunawan 
Luke Rathbone 
Isabella Sais 
Klara Eleanor Underwood 
Tayler Weaver 

Slideshow of Virtual Garments