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We strive to deliver to you the most competent workforce. Students at The Fashion School are required to secure an internship and enroll in the 3 – credit courses – FDM45192 -Internship -Merchandising and/or FDM45292 Internship – Design. Part of the curricular design in earning the undergraduate degree, this internship course prepares, refines, and reinforces the interpersonal and fundamental skills needed to produce within your organization.

By securing an intern, you are creating a work environment of experiential learning for both you and the students. As experienced professionals, the shared knowledge between you and your intern increases productivity and return. Our students can contribute specifically in understanding the product, the lifecycle of supply chain management, and how one takes it to market.

The Fashion School truly understands the needs and wants of the consumer, domestic and internationally. We offer industry innovation and how one approaches creatively and analytically to achieve ongoing success.

The Fashion School invites you to recruit an intern and/or employee by introducing and promoting your brand. We can work with you on various recruiting efforts for internships/employment, sponsored events, and workshop development resulting in growing your business partnerships and creating a new conversion to hire processes.

Within The Fashion School you will be directly connected to our 2000+ enrolled student population and 4000+ alum inviting you to recruit both students and seasoned professionals with focused expertise in their education and career.

Please see the attached documents illustrating the information needed to post your opportunities and begin our partnership – LINK Brittani

For further inquiries, please e-mail FDM-Internships@kent.edu.