Fashion/Tech Hackathon

January 25 - 27, 2019

Presented in partnership with the Fashion School’s TechStyleLAB, Kent State’s LaunchNET and the Kent State computer science student organization HacKSU, the Fashion/Tech Hackathon is a cross-curricular event allowing teams of students from all across the country to learn new skills and create innovative wearable technology that will help redefine the future of fashion. Participating students spend 36 hours developing a project of their choice in the form of a technology-enhanced garment or wearable-responsive web application. All teams are given free access to the TechStyleLAB, the Fashion School’s digital textile fabrication space, along with a variety of free electronic and textile materials. Faculty mentors are on hand to assist the students with any issues or questions that they may have during the event. More details to come!

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