Florence, Italy | Kent State University

Florence, Italy

Kent State University in Florence:

  • Summer 2018: May 30 - June 30
    Fall 2018: Aug. 27 - Dec. 16
    Spring 2019: Jan. 14 - May 12

    • Fall and spring semester classes are offered by the Fashion School in Florence each year.
    • A study tour to other European fashion capitals, such as Paris and London, is included.
    • Junior-level design studio classes and junior-/senior-level merchandising classes are offered. Preliminary class offerings are posted during the preceding academic year.
    • The cost of this experience includes tuition, housing arrangements and study tours. The actual cost is posted annually.
    • For more information about the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 program, please download the preliminary program handout. You may also contact the Study Away Coordinator at FDM-StudyAway@kent.edu, or make an appointment with your advisor.
  • KSU Fashion Students in Florence, Italy