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Florence Summer Workshop

Intellectual Property Rights: Navigating Design, Legal and Business Perspectives in Fashion Practice 

The Fashion School of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, USA, with the sponsorship of the Association Partners of Palazzo Strozzi (APPS) will offer an international academic one-week workshop for advanced students, educators and industry design professionals at the Kent State University Florence Campus from the 23rd – 27th May, 2016. 

This one-week course will engage participants in critical discourse on the range of terms, challenges and perspectives surrounding the concept of counterfeiting and intellectual property rights in fashion. Aimed at designer- professionals, advanced design students and international faculty teaching in fashion, we will be addressing themes related to the use of archives and new media in business to explore:

  • Inspiration
  • Appropriation
  • Adaptation
  • Referencing
  • Co-creation
  • Collaboration
  • Reproduction
  • Re-interpretation
  • Knock-offs
  • Counterfeiting
  • Copyright
  • Patents

The focus will be from the perspective of designers, to support greater awareness, skills and strategy to navigate intellectual property issues in fashion products and production. As each presentation topic is discussed, workshop participants will engage in design-practice activities to respond to the concepts.

This advanced workshop will be led by J.R. Campbell, Professor & Director of the Fashion School, and Patricia Kinsella, Coordinator of the KSU Florence Fashion Program. Support from our industry partners has been provided through the assistance of Dr. Carlo Ceccarelli, General Secretary of the Association Partners of Palazzo Strozzi. We have assembled a roster of fashion professionals of the highest level to present on their experiences.

It is our hope to foster dialogue between international professionals in the field of fashion on these important issues. We hope to welcome you to our center at the Palazzo Vettori in Florence next May.

Program Costs and Fees

Workshop Fee: $840

This fee covers the cost of all supplies needed to engage in the design-practice activities, as well as entry fees for any museums/site visits that are offered as part of the workshop. The most significant field trip will be to the Pucci Foundation; transport and a light lunch will be included as part of the visit and is incorporated into the total workshop fee.

Airfare/Transport: (variable)

We can advise on best approaches to traveling to Florence. The nearest airport is Florence Airport, Peretola (FLR), but there are also other airport options that can be combined with train or other transit.

Meals/Incidentals: (variable)

One lunch (for the Pucci Foundation visit) is provided as part of the costs of the workshop. All other meals are the responsibility of participants. Florence offers a wealth of culinary options from the most economical to outrageous.


Housing for this one week workshop can be provided for a cost 450 Euro for the week. Single rooms only, these rooms are offered at Hotel Universo located at Piazza St. Maria Novella, 20, 50123 Firenze, Italy. Please feel free to contact us for recommendations about any other housing options.

Fashion in Florence

Birthplace of such iconic Italian brands as Gucci, Pucci and Ferragamo, Florence has been renowned since the Renaissance for the excellence of it's artisans. Today, it is at the center of a vibrant district producing high end leather goods, shoes, yarns, textiles and . knitwear. Florence played a key role in launching the "Made in Italy" brand, hosting the first Italian fashion shows in the postwar period. This illustrious history is documented in numerous local museums and - collections including the Costume Gallery and the Roberto Capucci Foundation. Flagship stores of Florentine brands can be found in fashionable Via Tornabuoni alongside luxury retailers such as Dior and Burberry. All of this, coupled with an extraordinary artistic heritage, make Florence an ideal place to study the past, present and future of fashion.

Palazzo Vettori Facilities

Palazzo Vettori is a prestigious and ancient building is located in the heart of Florence, at the corner of Via Cavour and Via Alfani, near Piazza del Duomo. According to historian Guido Carocci, the origins of the building date from the beginning of the 15th century. Its façade proclaims the new ideas of Renaissance architecture based on the use of rustication. From January 2016 forward the entire Palazzo Vettori building will be Kent State University’s campus location in Florence.


Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty members and industry professionals, may register to participate in the workshop.

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