2023 Theme: TOGETHER

10 Years Together Fashion Tech Hackathon

The theme for the Fashion Tech Hackathon changes every year and is traditionally presented at the opening ceremony. For our 10th Anniversary, we are coming together for an in-person celebration in an incredible event that will take place at both the School of Fashion and Design Innovation. The theme title is TOGETHER in celebration of our first in person Fashion Tech Hackathon since 2020. The event has challenge streams with awards tied to the TOGETHER theme and look forward to how the students pair fashion and technology to innovate and address them. The hackathon’s Challenge Streams are released at the opening ceremony.

Challenge Stream Prompts Examples


How can we transform experiences? What sort of experience are we seeking that can create a greater connection between ourselves and the greater good? This can relate to a multitude of things such as physical health, play, mental health, self-expression, fashion, and other transformational experiential activities.


How can we harness change into a tangible form? In what way can existing objects be modified for an ever-changing world? What should exist that doesn’t already and has the capability of evolving? How can fashion and technology transform?


How can we rethink our environment and spaces we exist in? With the current societal changes, what opportunities do we have to be thoughtful of what a community is. How do we use transformation to create our own semblance of community?