Find the answers to some of the most common questions asked about the Fashion Tech Hackathon!

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event that occurs for a period of time over the weekend where people come together to learn, build and share their creations. You don't have to be a programmer or a fashion designer to participate. We welcome all backgrounds and experiences.

Who should attend the hackathon?

Attendees from all disciplines, skill levels, genders and geographies are welcome to participate. We have a wide range of skill levels and experiences from our hackers, from first time hackathon to hackathon veterans. The one requirement is that you be a registered college student. Any college student (undergrad or graduate) who is currently registered and attending school can participate in the hack.

What do I need?

A computer and wifi is all you need to connect to the virtual event.

I know nothing about fashion, can I still participate?

Absolutely! Network with the participants and find a fashion student to be on your team! We find the best teams include students from different disciplines and having different strengths.There are quite a bit of skills needed to complete a project submission and creating an idea for your project is something that will happen when you team starts to talk and brainstorm.

How much prior experience is necessary?

No experience is required! We will have some workshops to help you get up to speed with some of the vocabulary and technologies you may want to explore or integrate into your projects.

What if I don't know how to code?

No problem! Our hackathon is welcoming and beginner-friendly. There will be workshops and many mentors to help guide you through some of the tech. Do try to connect with students during the start of the hack and during team building to find someone with coding experience to join your team if your project needs it.

Can I participate as an individual?

Everyone must sign up individually via the application but you must be part of a team to submit a project. Our hackathon rules ask that projects be submitted by teams (between 2 and 5 people). Part of the hackathon experience is to meet new people and to become exposed to new ideas.

Should I come with a team?

No, you should not come with a team ready. There are some team building workshops and networking sessions the first day of the hack so that you can meet other hackers to form a team. It is important to explore new things, meet new people, and create an original idea together at the event!

Is the 2022 event virtual or in person?

Right now we are planning for a virtual event. Having an in person event at Kent State University School of Fashion's TechStyleLAB is dependent on what the state of the pandemic is and what governmental safety protocols need to be adhered. We will have to wait and see what we can do in regards to in person activities once it is closer to the date.

What is the cost to attend the event?

The event is free to attend.

Does everyone get a t-shirt?

We give t-shirts to the hack participants who complete the hack weekend and submit a project. If the event is virtual, T-shirts and stickers will get mailed out to you. If the event is at Kent State, T-Shirts and stickers will be handed to you towards the end of the event.

Do I have to pay for any shipping for the T-Shirts to be mailed to me?

No! We will mail them out to you as a thank you for participating and to give you something to proudly wear to show your successful completion of the event!

If you have any questions we have not answered, please reach out to us at