We give a warm thanks to all the mentors that participated and helped the participants with their projects during the hackathon weekend. Our mentors are a mix of people from academia and industry.

Mentors for the Fashion Tech Hackathon 2023 will be posted closer to the event date.


Mentors for the Fashion Tech Hackathon 2021

  • Bethany Adjekota
    Kent State University Fashion Design
  • Naser Al Madi
    Colby College
  • Abe Avnisan
    Kent State University
  • Julie Becker
    Eastern Michigan University
  • Dinu Bodiciu
    LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
  • Elena Brake
    Reutlingen University
  • J.R. Campbell
    Kent State University
  • Chanjuan Chen
    University of North Texas
  • Sooah Choi
    Dankook University
  • Gregory Climer
    California College of the Arts
  • Paula Dancie
    Kent State University
  • Melissa Dawson
    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Sarthak Dayal
    Reagan High School
  • Ron Dear
    Electronics & Computing Expert
  • Lillian Denning
  • Ramnik Dhillon
    Pearl Academy
  • Nabil el Hilali
    ESCA em Casablanca
  • Luiza Ferronatto
    Felini Brand
  • Daniel Fladung
    Kent State University
  • Koren Grinshpoon
  • Maria Hwang
    Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Sarika Khurana
    Pearl Academy
  • Paul Loveman
    Knit Engine
  • Archana Mehta
    Kent State University
  • Harsh Moradiya
  • Holly Mosher
    Eastern Michigan University
  • Krish Munot
    Freight Tiger
  • Sheilla Odhiambo
    Hogeschool Gent
  • Yash Patel
    Ahmedabad University
  • Sahil Rahman
    eMoment India Pvt LTD
  • Krissi Riewe
    Kent State University
  • Alyssa Robinson
    Kent State University
  • Kirsten Schaefer
    Ryerson University
  • Stelle Simonlatser
    Tillskärarakademin i Göteborg
  • Mike Starkey
    Enventys Partners
  • Neil Tagner
  • Robin Vande Zande
    Kent State University
  • Marji Wachowiak
    Kent State Fashion School
  • Tanya Wade
    Manufacturing Solutions Center
  • Jennifer Whitty
    Parsons School of Design
  • Sue Yoder
    Kent State University School of Fashion
  • Julie Young
    Loyola University of Chicago