HOMME Men's Fashion Organization

                       HOMME black and white logo

Homme Men's Fashion Organization is the first and only fashion organization at Kent State University that has a surrounding interest in Men's fashion. We hope to engage our members in unique activities, events and discussions that are not currently available anywhere else on campus. We will provide a space for knowledge, peer bonding and networking opportunities for the fashion enthusiast!  

Executive Board

  • Matthew Welsh - President / Founder - mwelsh16 [at] kent.edu
  • Aaron Touris - Graphic Designer - atouris [at] kent.edu
  • Scott Earley - Treasurer - searley2 [at] kent.edu
  • Natalie Krutsch - Secretary - nkrutsch [at] kent.edu
  • Tyler Turskey - Outreach Coordinator - tturskey [at] kent.edu
  • Alex Towcimak - Creative Consultant - atowcima [at] kent.edu
  • Tamara Cullen - Academic Advisor - tdavis2 [at] kent.edu

Contact and Social Media

  • Email: hommemfo [at] gmail.com
  • Instagram: @hommekent