Laptop Requirement

Throughout their academic career, School of Fashion students will have several projects and assignments which will require them to have access to a laptop and specific software.

All School of Fashion students are required to have a laptop. Students may choose either a Mac or Windows computer. A three-year warranty (AppleCare for Macs) is recommended. Please note – tablet devices such as Apple iPads and Chromebooks are not recommended for the laptop requirement. Some classes require software that will not work on these devices.

Below are the minimum specifications and recommended specifications:

Incoming Freshman Technology Requirements

A laptop is required for all incoming freshmen. Macbook computers are NOT recommended for Fashion Design students. Please see below of laptop recommendations for each area of study.



Laptop Screen Size: 15”
CPU: Core i7
Memory (RAM): 8GB
Storage (Hard Drive): 512GB Solid State Drive
Graphics: Any


Laptop Screen Size: 17”
CPU: Core i9
Memory (RAM): 16 or 32GB
Storage (Hard Drive): 1 or 2TB Solid State Drive
Graphics: Any

iPad Requirement (Fashion Design Majors Only):


Any iPad (must support Apple Pencil 2) with Apple Pencil 2


iPad Pro 12.9” (must support Apple Pencil 2) with 512GB of storage and Apple Pencil 2

iPad not strictly required till the second year. The purchase of the tablet will replace all other illustration-related costs; such, as paper, markers, sketchpad, etc.

Software Requirement

All School of Fashion students will need Microsoft Office 365 and a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition on their laptops.

Adobe Creative Cloud can be purchased from the university at a substantial discount. Visit the Kent State Adobe Creative Cloud website for more information.

Microsoft Office 365 is free for Kent State University students. Visit our Information Technology Support website for more information. 


Questions regarding the School of Fashion technology requirements can be directed to Information Technology Manager, Brian Gardner at