M.F.I.S. Catalog and Program Requirements

The Master of Fashion Industry Studies program robustly addresses the highly interdisciplinary character of practice within fashion as a product-driven industry with a unique set of parameters that transverse many traditional academic boundaries.   The Master of Fashion Industry Studies is a 30-credit, initial masters level degree for the academic advancement of students to engage in learning and industry experiences applicable to the fashion industry. This program prepares professionals who intentionally use cross-disciplinary and applied research methods to address complex issues derived from the industry setting and provide impactful research-based solutions for the fashion industry.


Core competencies for graduates of the Master of Fashion Industry Studies include:

  • Capacity for critical analysis of the fashion industry supply chain from fiber to consumer to identify pertinent issues
  • Ability to utilize cross-disciplinary and applied research methods with appropriate knowledge and technologies
  • Critical generation of ideas based on testing and experimentation that connect research findings to fashion industry issues
  • Abilities to effectively synthesize and present innovative and pragmatic research-based solutions applicable to the fashion industry 

Admission Requirements:

Official transcripts(s) of earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution; Minimum of a 3.0 college GPA (or a standard GRE or GMAT if GPA is below 3.0 for conditional admissions); if applicable, an English-Proficiency score (at least 94 TOEFL-IBT or its equivalent) is required.  Students who are expecting to engage in designer-led approaches are required to possess a baccalaureate fashion design degree OR a bachelor-level degree in a related field and substantial (minimum 2 years) fashion industry employment experience.  Statement of career/academic goals and research interests as they relate to critical issue(s) you have identified in current fashion industry practice (maximum 500 words); Submission of supportive materials that demonstrate your capabilities which could include a significant term paper, research project, and/or visual portfolio (minimum of 5-10 examples of work in any media). Files can be up to two 25MB max/documents (50MB max/form) in .pdf format; Three letters of recommendation.  


Graduation Requirements:

All graduate students are required to complete 24 hours of graded coursework and a minimum of 6 hours of thesis. Graduate students must take FDM 60011, FDM 60031, FDM 60092, FDM 60100, and FDM 60199. A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours is required. Foundational coursework of FDM 10033/10034 (Fashion Fabrics) and FDM 30260 (Product Development in the Fashion Industry) or equivalent in undergraduate or within first 18 credits (first year of Graduate study).  If required, undergraduate credits are in addition to the 30 graduate credit hours required for the degree.



To earn the Master of Fashion Industry Studies, each student must complete a written thesis accompanied by a visual presentation/representation that is successfully defended and approved by a committee of faculty with feedback from an industry partner.  The thesis must demonstrate an innovative and pragmatic research-based solution applicable to the fashion industry.