2018 Cotton Inc. Innovations in Cotton Design and Merchandising Awards

Students from Dr. Gargi Bhaduri’s merchandising class and Dr. Ja Young Hwang studio design class competed for top prizes and recognition during the 2018 Cotton Incorporated Innovations in Cotton Design and Merchandising Awards held in the Rockwell Hall atrium on October 9.


The awards, organized by Bhaduri and Hwang, were a component of a grant they were awarded from Cotton Incorporated to fund collaborative studies between merchandising and design students. The purpose of the grant was to show design and merchandising students how to view the industry from the other’s perspective.


Students involved in the project each assembled into groups of four to five merchandising students and two to three design students. The merchandising students came up with the idea for the brand, conducted market research and performed feasibility studies, and the design students crafted the collection and created the looks for the brand.


Students belonging to the first-place team in both categories were each awarded $150. Second-place students were each awarded $100 and third place winners were awarded $50.


In the merchandising category, the first-place team made up of students Gretta Bish, Sierra Kluiter, Jessica Leon, Erin Mazzotta and Shelby Rabideaux won for their project titled “Denim Remixed.” The purpose of their collection was to provide sustainable and unique denim garments that could serve as functional workwear for both men and women, making the workers’ every-day tasks easier.


Students Ashley Backos, Brooke Gilmore, Elijah McCallum and Logan Sommerfeld came in second place for their project, “Simple Heritage.” “Simple Heritage” aimed to provide trendy and stylish “pickpocket-safe” clothing for young women that travel.


Coming in third place was the merchandising team of Matthew Bandersky, Brianna Fowle, Kaitlin Haag, Delaney Huesgen and James Sullivan for their project “Re/use Denim.” Their collection was created to use upcycled denim to provide gender-neutral workwear for students to wear while working in a design studio.


In the design category, the team of Zack Popovich, Haley Bohman and Caroline Smith won first-place for “Cotton the Rain”.  Their collection was designed to create a new stylish look for rain gear using Storm Denim and Storm Cotton which contains water-resistant materials that wick away rain and moisture. 


The team of Hannah Knotts, Samantha Hoppe, and Rachael Bower scored second-place for their functional workwear collection “Denim Remix”, and designers Katherine Sarver, Gabrielle Henderson and Amy Dutko came in third-place for their “pickpocket-safe” collection “Simple Heritage.”

POSTED: Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 2:40pm
UPDATED: Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 5:28pm