Design Alum Wins Big at iD Dunedin Fashion Week in New Zealand

Casas Rojas "gLOBAL" Collection pictured on Runway during ID International Emerging Artist AwardsSince graduating in spring 2018, design alumna, Cassandra Casas Rojas has begun to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. She recently took home the Free to Be Me Award during the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2019 in New Zealand for her collection, “gLOBAL.” This marks the second award she has won at an international competition for this collection since graduation, after previously winning the Excellent Achievement Award during the 2018 International Youth Design Competition in Beijing last fall.

"gLobal" focuses on adding purpose and technological innovation in the fashion industry. Rojas said she was inspired by the idea of constructing functional, fundamental garments to transform everyday attire into clothing that could also serve the on-the-go lifestyle of a nomadic traveler. Her collection also won the Niche Market Innovation Award during the Fashion School’s Annual Fashion Show 2018 last spring.

“Global nomads travel from one country to another without a permanent job or home. Their ties to their countries begin to loosen; they start to no longer belong anywhere. Global nomads typically work for independent companies in IT, writing, teaching or crafts. At the end of my research, I discovered that I wanted to demonstrate transition through my collection by making it transform into life necessities such as a jacket into a tent, a jacket into a sleeping bag and a jacket into a backpack,” said Rojas.

Rojas was only one of two designers selected to represent the U.S. during this international competition "I'm so honored," expressed Rojas. "Exactly one year ago I was presenting my senior thesis to a board of industry critics at Kent State University. I’ve been fortunate to compete with 'gLOBAL' in the USA, Shanghai, Beijing and now New Zealand all in the time lapse of one year. There are no words to describe my gratitude. This wouldn’t be possible without my education, and the support of my University. You built me, and I’m going to make it count."

Please visit Roja's website to see more of her designs or visit her iD Emerging Designer profile page courtesy of ArtsThread to learn more about her award-winning collection. 

About iD International Emerging Designer Awards

The fashion show and awards ceremony took place during the iD Dunedin Fashion Week in New Zealand, March 11-17, and featured 33 of the world's best-emerging designers in two breathtaking shows. Five garments from each designer are shown on the runway. Designers who have graduated within 12 months or are currently in their final year of studying are eligible to compete. For more information about the competition, visit the 2019 event site


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Photos courtesy of Cassandra Casas Rojas


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