Fashion School Store Launches New Collection, ‘Sustainability RETOLD’

The Fashion School Store (FSStore), The Kent State University Fashion School’s unique lifestyle boutique in downtown Kent, recently launched its newest collection, “Sustainability RETOLD” adding sustainably-made clothing to the long list of diverse merchandise currently for sale in the Store.


During the Spring 2019 semester, faculty members Kendra Lapolla (current FSStore director), Chanjuan Chen and Lauren Copeland, generated this idea and presented it to students in The Fashion School.  Students were provided a concept board, and were encouraged to rethink sustainability for FSStore. Students then submitted ideas which were selected by a variety of Fashion School faculty. 


Home good items from the FSStore's new "Sustainability RETOLD" collectionThe “RETOLD” collection features clothing and accessories made from upcycled materials and environmentally-friendly items such as candles and soaps. In recent years, upcycling and sustainable fashions have gained more popularity in the industry. Fashion upcycling is a way in which individuals and companies can create items from waste, recovering the remaining value the garment holds through cutting and reshaping the textiles. This process helps reduce the environmental impact that occurred in the original production of the garment by creating something new and not having to go through the entire manufacturing process again. 


illustrations by current student Arin Weinstein displayed on greeting card as part of the FSStore's new collection 'Sustainability RETOLD"

This new collection is on sale now in the Store, and features clothing and accessories made by students and faculty from The Fashion School. Some of the highlights from the collection include a knit dress designed by 2019 graduate, Joelle Genco, a fully fashioned knit that eliminates waste and is made in the KSU TechStyleLAB; an upcycle guidebook to encourage others in the upcycling process, along with upcycled pieces designed by 2019 graduate, Margaret Busche, and graduate student, Evelyn Rossol; a print by 2019 graduate, Alysha Parkhurst, inspired by birds; and illustrations by current student Arin Weinstein are displayed on greeting cards, planners and available as limited edition prints. 


Current students in the Fashion School Store Learning Lab course are working on the next collection titled "(r)evolution RETOLD". This upcoming collection will still use sustainable fashion methods, but will feature an entirely new line of products. The Store plans to debut the new line in the spring semester. Stay tuned!


Upcycled garment created by students Greta Busche and Evelyn RossolAbout the FSStore

The Fashion School Store promotes one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories, and home decors made right here in Kent by students, alumni and faculty of the Fashion School. Since the inception in spring 2012, The Fashion School Store (FSStore) was launched as the Fashion School's live retail laboratory in downtown Kent.  This unique lifestyle boutique environment allows faculty and students to research and test design ideas, prototypes, production methods, buying, marketing, sales and planning models — while bringing exclusive merchandise designed by faculty, students and alumni to Northeast Ohio.

POSTED: Friday, September 20, 2019 - 6:41pm
UPDATED: Friday, September 27, 2019 - 10:47am