The Fashion School's 2018 Annual Scholarship Ceremony

Over 60 undergraduate Fashion School students were awarded scholarships during the 2018 Annual Scholarship Ceremony, held in Rockwell Hall on April 28, 2018, making it one of the largest scholarship ceremonies to date. The scholarship awards help fund tuition, study-abroad, travel and other expenses students incur. Please see below for the complete list of 2018 winners.


The Robert Broadbent Endowed Scholarship- Paris/ American Academy

Suzanna Gourley


The Robert Broadbent Endowed Scholarship- Hong Kong

Armando Bassiet, Zaria Fonville, Mira Hoo, Ayinde Lockett-Palmer, Ginger Stanciel


Karen and Kenneth Conley Endowed Fashion Award for International Study or Internship for Fashion Design

Katherine Scott


Karen and Kenneth Conley Endowed Fashion Award for International Study or Internship for Fashion Merchandising

Taylor Jones


Donna Hayes Endowed Fashion Design Scholarship

Kathleen Huber


Charles and Betsy Mangin Endowed Scholarship for International Study

Julie Vu


Chester R. Edwards Endowed Fashion Scholarship

Alexa Canamucio


Drs. Geneva M. and O. Rex Damron Scholarship Endowment for Fashion Design

Wuede Tadesse


Robert J. and Lizabeth Gunton Endowed Scholarship

Kara Gruver


Margaret and Thomas Catalano Endowed Scholarship

Amelia Johnson


Martha Phillips & Lynn Phillips Manulis Endowed Scholarship

Emma Hucke


Elizabeth A. Rhodes Scholarship

Madeline Heun


The Margaret Clark Morgan Endowed Scholarship

Brianna Hinkelman, Ava Lancaster, Carol Li, Rachel Weidner


Lindsay J. Morgenthaler Endowed Scholarship

Tracy Vollbrecht


Linda Allard and Herbert Gallen Endowed Scholarship for Fashion Design

Paige Himburg


Charles Kleibacker Endowed Design Scholarship

Olivia Pickard


Frances Kleibaker Endowed Design Scholarship

Julia DePalma


NAMSB, Inc.  William Hefner Award for Excellence in Menswear Design

Yaoxian Zhang


George Stavropoulos Endowed Scholarship

Audrey Thomas


Michael T. O’Connor Endowed Design Scholarship

Autumn Barney


Michael I. Cunningham Scholarship for Fashion Design

Julia Etheridge


Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Anne Skoch


Shannon Rodgers Endowed Scholarship

Obianuju Izuchukwu


Walter H. and Vivian B. Mills Scholarship

Sarah Botscheller


Irene Jaffe Bachman Endowed Scholarship

Isabella Diorio


Mario Nolfi Endowed Scholarship

Ashlynn Thompson


Nat Kaplan Endowed Scholarship

Delaney Huesgen


Janet McCue Endowed Scholarship

Samantha Pesick


Higbee Endowed Scholarship

Alison Ross


Brage and Hinda Golding Endowed Scholarship

Arianna Shapiro


Mary Elizabeth Elgin Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Tyshaia Earnest


James W. and Nancy S. Arthur Endowed Scholarship

Hailey Sammons


Lane Bryant Endowed Scholarship

Lauryn-Ashley Soloman


NYC Studio Director’s Scholarship

Delaney Baumler, Marion Kpandeyenge


Fashion Group Cleveland, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Julianne Galek


David A. Jewell Memorial Award

Sheri Bodo


DOTS, LLC Endowed Scholarship in Fashion Merchandising

Victoria Lillie


JCPenney Endowed Scholarship

Mengting Yuan


Northeast Ohio Community Education Foundation Scholarship

Donor/ Mentor: Dr. Geneva Damron, In memory of Dr. O. Rex Damron

Ginger Stanciel


Donor/ Mentor: Dr. Geneva Damron

Kaelynn Wilkes


Donor/ Mentor: Dr. Derek Damron

Lara Jelley


Donor/ Mentor: Deborah Petrone

TaNica Holmes


Donor/ Mentor: Bea McPherson, In Memory of J.W. McPherson

Chanel Mills


Donor/ Mentor: Kenneth and Karen Conley

Riyon Lee


Donor/ Mentor: Marilyn Sessions, Hometown Bank

Oluwadara Oshunniyi


Donor/ Mentor: Marilyn Sessions, Hometown Bank

Tia Beaty


Donor/ Mentor: Shawn Gordon

Kaela Wilson


The Judith and Christopher Everett Endowed Scholarship for Fashion Merchandising

Stephanie Hanson


FDM Outstanding Senior Designer in Honor of Kara Hill

Madeline Abfalter


FDM Outstanding Senior Designer

Tahany Huerta


FDM Outstanding Merchandiser

McKinna Kahl


Fashion Student Organization Scholarship

Jillian McGarry

Emily Zappi


Mary K.W. and Marc Hutchinson Study Abroad Scholarship for the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising

Brianna Hinkelman, Morgan Martin


Nancy McCann Endowed Award

Andrew Shafer


The Lawrence Pollock Endowed Scholarship

Ava Lancaster


The Cafaro Foundation Endowed Scholarship for Fashion

Caitlin Seifert


The Taylor Pifer Memorial Scholarship

Shannon Harrington



These scholarships were also awarded throughout the year:

YMA Scholarship Winners

Andrew Shafer ($10,000 level), McKinna Kahl, Emily Kopchak, Elisha Hamric, Tyshaia Earnest, Katelyn Schmidt, Alexandra Laurenzo, Stephanie Birkmeier, Faith Zwicker, Brooke Denune


Next Generation Finalist

Brittany Rhoa ($10,000)


Next Generation Semi-Finalists

Tyshaia Earnest, Mollina So


NRF Rising Star Scholarship

Cindel Hardin-Corbett 


NRF Student Ambassador

Sheri Bodo


Target Case Competition

Sarah Botscheller, Alexandra Reich, Maura Culley, Kelsey Snyder 






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