Senior Design Team Places Third in Chicago Medical Competition

Senior Design Team Places Third in Chicago Medical CompetitionThe fashion industry and medical apparel are typically areas that are not associated with each, but one class of fashion design seniors decided to challenge the norm.


Last month, students from Dr. Ja-Young Hwang’s senior BA Studio III class were invited to compete in the 2019 Medline Personal Protective Equipment Design Challenge in Chicago. Only five design schools in the country were invited to participate. The competition was open all college students from undergraduate to doctoral. 


Participating teams were tasked with submitting designs for products in two categories; one face mask and one medical wear device of their choice. Two teams from Dr. Hwang’s class were chosen to participate. Team one consisted of students Constance Pettway and Katlin Dynes and team two featured, Alexa Canamucio, Payton Prindle and Charlotte Tubbs. Each team prepared a PowerPoint presentation and brought samples of their designs to demonstrate during the competition. The presentations were given in front of company executives in different areas who served as judges for the competition. Each team received travel support up to $1,000. 


“Our team had to not only think of aesthetically pleasing designs for medical wear, but take into deep consideration the practicality of the garments we were designing. This competition introduced me to a whole new field of design I otherwise would know nothing about,” said Tubbs. Added Canamucio, “This project was exciting because it is so different from what we were all used to designing, so it challenged us all to think in a different way that considered safety, functionality, comfort, cost, and aesthetic.


Team two (Canamucio, Prindle and Tubbs) won thirdplace in the Design Challenge, splitting a prize of $1,000, for their face mask and patient gown designs. 


Said Prindle, “It felt very good to be recognized for the hard work and dedication we put forth -  it almost did not even feel real at first.  Overall, I am very thankful for this opportunity Dr. Hwang allowed us to be a part of, I gained a huge knowledge of new design skills I would have never been able to before this project!”


Dr. Hwang is immensely proud of the professionalism and hard work her students put into the project. “I’ve won a lot of awards over the years for personal designs, but I’ve honestly never been happier or prouder than when I was watching these students present and win this award,” expressed Hwang. “I’m very impressed because this is a project that they wouldn’t typically do – focusing on practicality and functionality instead of an aesthetically pleasing design. They were competing against doctoral-level students and I’m so proud of the professionalism and creativity they displayed while stepping out of their comfort zone.”


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POSTED: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 11:21pm
UPDATED: Monday, December 16, 2019 - 12:28pm