Two Kent State Fashion School Professors win “Best in Show” at AAFCS Conference in Atlanta


“Phalaenopsis Amabilis 1” created by Dr. Hwang

Kent State University Fashion School professors, Dr. Ja Young Hwang and Dr. Tameka Ellington, each received the “Best in Show-Professional” award at the 109th Annual American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Conference and Expo 2018 in Atlanta over the summer. The conference is a popular design showcase within the apparel, textiles and design communities and features submitted by hundreds of artists every year. The theme of this year’s event was “Cultivating Social and Emotional competence for Healthy Relationships”. 


Assistant professor Dr. Hwang won the “Best in Show-Professional” award in the apparel design, clothing and wearable-art category for the design “Phalaenopsis Amabilis 1”.  Her contemporary eveningwear dress design aims to showcase the increasing impact of digital technology in the fashion world and showcases how new technologies in fashion, such as digital textile printing, can open up a continuously expanding array of creative possibilities.


Associate professor Dr. Ellington received her “Best in Show – Professional” for her design titled “Bogolanfini in Leather”.  Her work was inspired by the hundred-year-old traditional art bògòlanfini (mud cloth). The cloths are used by warriors in Africa as camouflage or a badge of status and are believed to have the power to ward off evil. 

 “Bogolanfini in Leather” created by Dr. Ellington


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Image 1: “Phalaenopsis Amabilis 1” garment created by Dr. Hwang.

Image 2: "Bogolanfini in Leather" garment created by Dr. Ellington.



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