Welcome to Fall 2020: A Note from the Fashion Director

Welcome to Fall 2020!

We have been feverishly preparing the School of Fashion over the summer months, in anticipation of a new academic year filled with ambition and aspiration, creativity and innovation, safety and wellbeing. 

In visiting Rockwell Hall, you will see wonderful new pop-up spaces created in support of fashion education outside of scheduled classes and Kent State's Flashes Safe Seven principles, along with new technology, equipment, and innovation development services in our TechStyleLAB. We are exhibiting the interdisciplinary teamwork of BioBlack, who won the Outstanding Science Award in the 2020 Biodesign Challenge, and we are showcasing elements of our first professional photoshoot of student and faculty work with NYC Fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler. The individual works and the collective result are incredible! We are very much looking forward to sharing more of these with you all as the year unfolds. 

Additionally, we invested heavily in the design and delivery of our remote courses with many fashion faculty members engaging in intensive workshop development to ensure our readiness and excellence for the year ahead. A series of Town Hall meetings were successfully offered, allowing us to come together as a community to listen, question and share comments about COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement. We plan to continue with the Town Hall meetings throughout the semester with new dates and information coming soon.  Diversity, equity and inclusivity will continue as priorities in all areas of our work.

My sincere thanks to everyone – faculty, staff, custodians, students, friends – who collaborated and went the extra mile to ensure our readiness! 

To our fabulous fashion students - from those joining us for the first time to those returning for the last time before entering the industry – bring your best self to the table every day. Learn and be open to learning even more than you imagined possible.  Enjoy following the KSU School of Fashion Code. 

And, to our wider circle of the fashion community, we miss you! We are looking forward to finding new ways to engage and create, while celebrating the old ways too.  Be sure to take care of yourselves and if you can, visit the KSU Museum and witness the wonderful new exhibitions it has on offer, including the work of our very own faculty member, Vincent Quevedo.

Take care.


With warmest wishes

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POSTED: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 11:49 PM
Updated: Sunday, March 26, 2023 07:57 PM