Winners Announced for Fashion Meets the Botanicals 2020

Isabel Del Toro's garment, “In Full Bloom”

Karissa Newman's garment, “Orchard Gardens - Slip Dress”.Bing Chen's garment, “Linear VS. Organic”For the seventh year in a row, garments created by junior design students from the Kent State University School of Fashion, were shown in the "Fashion Meets the Botanicals" exhibition at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. The exhibit coincides with the Garden's annual "Orchid Mania" event, bringing together botanically-inspired fabric and fashion arrangements.

Designs from 14 junior-level design students were chosen for the exhibition. Their designs are inspired by the beauty of the orchid. Every aspect of the garments are created, designed and constructed by the students, including the actual design of the fabric which is printed in the school’s TechStyleLAB.

Attendees who visited the exhibition in person had the opportunity to digitally vote for their favorite looks. Guests voted for their favorite looks in the categories of “Best Use of Inspiration”, “Best Fabric Design” and “Best in Show.”

“Best Use of Inspiration” was awarded to Isabel Del Toro for her garment, “In Full Bloom.” Karissa Newman won for “Best Fashion Design” for her garment “Orchard Gardens - Slip Dress”. The garment with the most votes that was crowned “Best in Show” was “Linear VS. Organic” created by Bing Chen. Each student was awarded a $100 prize.

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Images (from left to right)

One : Bing Chen, "“Linear VS. Organic”

Two: Karissa Newman, “Orchard Gardens - Slip Dress”

Three: Isabel Del Toro, “In Full Bloom”

UPDATED: Friday, December 09, 2022 11:00 AM